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My Three Date Weekend: Part 3 – Ami

Finally, we end our three date weekend with Ami. I first clicked on her dating profile because her picture showed two things I’m a sucker for: Beautiful brown eyes and a pretty smile. Of course, that’s not enough for me to send a girl a message, we also need to have shared interests, and that’s what puts Ami ahead of the weekend pack.

Online dating is a tricky thing. You need to put yourself out there in order to attract attention, but you have to also be aware of the fact that you’re trying to sell yourself, and so you might feel the need to hide more obscure interests in order to come across as ‘more normal.’ For example, I love musicals. However, I do not go into great detail about this interest on my profile because I often find that women put men that like musicals into a certain group. They think of them as more effeminate, which I am not, so I hold back on displaying this interest.

Getting back to Ami’s profile, she threw this idea to the wind and just went full out displaying all her ‘fandoms’ without regard for appearances. This was great for me, because we shared 3 of 5 of her listed fandoms: Harry Potter, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and the musical Hamilton (the other two were Parks and Rec and Lord of the Rings). This made messaging her easy and made me a lot more interested to meet up, so we did.

As mentioned in my introduction, she lives outside of the city. fortunately, she picked a date location near me, so we ended up a BB Cafe in North York for tea. As far as introductions go, ours was a little lackluster. I didn’t realize this until later on in the night, but Ami is slightly withdrawn in terms of social interactions. We said hi to each other, but quickly got in line to grab our drinks. Although we chatted, she did not face me that often.

Lucky for me, this cafe we went to was terrible. After waiting 10 minutes in line, we were instructed to go to the ‘dining’ area upstairs and sit down. Someone there would serve us. No one served us for 20 minutes. This would usually be really annoying, but it forced us to focus on the conversation, and one another, while we waited. Sitting across from one another forced eye contact and we both grew more comfortable with one another.

Due to the lack of service at this place, this quick tea date turned into a 2 hour experience. By the time it was over, she had just missed her bus home, and so we decided to extend the date and go check out a local botanical garden until the next bus. It was getting late and therefore a little chilly, so I suggested we head back to my place first and grab some sweaters. You might be guessing where this is going… you’d be wrong. I’m a fucking gentleman.

We spent 10 minutes at my place while we both used the washroom and I grabbed a hoddie for her. Nothing more happened because I didn’t feel like she wanted anything more to happen. Plus, I don’t usually invite a girl over on the first date. So we then went off to the garden.

To be honest, going to a garden at night isn’t the smartest idea. Mostly because it’s too dark to see any of the pretty flowers, but also because there are animals that come out at night. Halfway through a pleasant walk and chat, a couple of giant raccoons came our way and we were forced to back away slowly less they grunt at us more.

Eventually we settled on a place in the garden with a little light and just talked and asked some of the usual dating questions (e.g. What are you looking for? Where do you lean religiously?, etc). Despite the whole date going well at this point, her body language was showing a lack of interest. As I’d face her, she’s slowly turn to the side so we ended up side by side. Not super obvious, but enough that I took it as a hint she didn’t want to kiss.

Time passed and it was getting time to take her to her bus, so we started walking back to my car and the opportunity presented itself for a kiss. I figured I’d go for it an back off if she retracted, but to my surprise she was interested. The quick kiss quickly turned into a very passionate make out session. We were both a little taken aback by it and were at a lost for words after.

Sadly, we were on a timeline, and I needed to get her back to her bus. So we got in my car, discussed the kiss a little bit, and then went back to normal conversation before kissing once more as she exited the car to catch her bus.

The date itself was good. I didn’t feel the same connection as I did with the two other girls, but the passion behind the kiss was strong, and so I’d like to meet her again and see where things go. I’ll be sure to report back if I do.

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