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My Three Date Weekend: Part 2 – Ming

The second date in my three date weekend was with a girl I had seen once before, but never blogged about. She is also a doctor (surprise, surprise) and was too busy after our last date to see me for about a month. Usually waiting that long for a date would be difficult for me, but she was an amazing girl, and I had just started seeing the pole dancer, so I didn’t feel I needed to rush anything.

Anyway, after our first date, we planned another the next week. Sadly, due to her hectic doctor schedule, so had to cancel on me. We tried rescheduling again, but that was also postponed. At this point, I had a feeling she was just stringing me along, so I send her a text asking if that was the case. I was nice about it, and basically just said that I would wait if required, but if she wasn’t interested, she didn’t have to worry about hurting my feelings. We talked, and she assured me it was just due to her hectic doctor schedule.

We ended up scheduling a date on the Saturday, right inbetween two other dates of mine. She suggested brunch, and ended up picking a place called Smith’s near where she lived. Cool.

I arrived early and waited out front of the restaurant for her. Unlike my previous date, I did not get nervous. When she finally arrived, I was, once again, in awe of how beautiful she was. When you add in the fact that she’s also smart, kind, and creative, you can see why I was willing to wait a month for a second date.

We get our table, I order avocado toast because I want to mock being a giant hipster, and we start catching up on everything we talked about on our last date. She tells me about work, we discuss my growing plant collection, and she tells me more about her jewellery crafting hobby. In short, it’s a great conversation with a fantastic and interesting girl. The food and restaurant itself wasn’t that great, so we didn’t spend too long there. After we settled the bill, she suggested we go to a garden nearby, which I had actually planned to suggest myself.

We spend a few hours walking around the garden and talking about plants and life. Fun fact she taught me: Orchids have giant testicle shaped roots. I know, pretty crazy. We were also both captivated by these blue butterfly flowers. I’ve got to say, a botanical garden is a fantastic date idea, but will admit that I may be biased due to my love of plants and the fantastic company I had while I was there.

After the garden I walked her home. She was under the weather with a minor cold, so unfortunately we didn’t kiss (nor did we on the first date), but we did hug and hopefully she had as great a time as I did. As you might have been able to tell, I like this woman. I try not to get too excited about the people I date, but this woman has my interest. I don’t think we have as much in common as my previous date, Cee, and I had, but that doesn’t make me less interested.

We’ve messaged a bit since then. She has a busy month ahead of her and will be out of town for the most part doctoring and such, so our next date is still to be determined, but once again, I find myself willing to wait for the chance at another date with this lovely woman.

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