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My Three Date Weekend: Part 1 – Cee

I met Cee online and messaged her mainly because she was cute, and had a picture of her in cosplay and in front of anime busts. I don’t cosplay myself, nor watch a lot of anime, but I do watch some and generally get along with nerdier people. Not only that, but her profile mentioned Neopets, which was my jam back in the day.

Anyway, we messaged for a week or so and her dating profile was a poor indication of who she really was. She is a family doctor (doctors seems to be a reacquiring theme for me), which was not mentioned in her profile at all, she has a fantastic sense of humour, and we seemed to be able to converse easily over text. She moves around a lot for her doctoring, and currently resides in Hamilton (about an hour drive away from me), but she was going to be in town this weekend. I ask her out and we make plans to meet on Friday as soon as she gets into town. Great.

As I’m waiting for her to arrive, I find myself getting a little nervous. Although I’m usually pretty calm on first dates, I felt that our texting game was strong, and that doesn’t always translate into good face-to-face conversation. Luckily, my fears were pushed aside the moment I saw her. She was cute, smiling, and full of conversation and laughter.

Unlike all my other dates, we didn’t actually plan what we were going to do. I met her downtown, and knew of a few places in the area to go, but she said she wasn’t very hungry, so we walked around a bit first and talked. As I mentioned before, she has a sense of humour, which allowed us to keep talking as we eventually found ourselves as a poke restaurant she knew of.

The poke itself wasn’t great. It was my first time having it, and it did not meet expectations, but I told her I was enjoying it, as there was no need for me to be negative and I was definitely enjoying our time chatting. We talked about work, about hobbies, and even about taxes (I’m a pro and doctors have complex taxes). It was nice.

After sitting for over an hour eating and chatting, we decided to walk around some more as we didn’t want the date to end. So we walked and talked until we found a Starbucks and got tea. We got into some more serious conversations, such as what we were looking for and what we wanted to get out or seeing each other, then eventually decided to end the date.

She was meeting some friends after seeing me, so I walked her there and we hugged before parting ways. I had fully intended to kiss her, as the conversation alone had me a little smitten, but she suggested a hug and I didn’t want to seem forceful.

Truthfully, it’s not an amazing story. We talked. A lot. We realized we were compatible and we made each other laugh. This is what first dates should be like. We both had fun and have been texting since. I plan on driving to Hamilton on the weekend for a second date. Not all dating stories are interesting, but that’s because it’s a part of life and sometimes life isn’t exciting. That said, it might seem like a boring story, but the emotions I’m feeling for this girl are anything but.

All this said, this was only the first of my three date weekend. Date two to follow.

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