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What’s in a Name?

Another day, another date. This time, with a girl I had been chatting with for a few weeks beforehand on the dating site I use.

I’ve been in the dating game for awhile, which is to say that I’ve grown accustomed to it, so I tend to do away with certain formalities when sending messages. For example, I don’t always end my first message with a question (which is highly recommended). I also don’t always introduce myself in the first message – Mainly because your response rate increases the shorter your messages are (assuming it’s more than just ‘hi’), and so giving my name takes up valuable message space where I could be witty or charming (I try to be at least – I usually fail),

Let’s go back to this girl: We’ve been chatting back and forth (once every day or so) for about 2 weeks. She seems pretty cool. She’s a bit of a nerd, which I dig, and she even says she’s a gamer and owns and plays a PS4. Sweet. We chat about Marvel vs DC, pets, board games, and Harry Potter, and I decide I’d like to meet her.

I usually like to start with a coffee date, but if the conversation presents you with a more interesting date idea, you should take it. Both because it feels more organic and because it’s good to do something other than coffee dates once and awhile. Variety is the spice of life, right? So as I mentioned, the conversation went to board games, and she had said that she hadn’t really played many before. Being a bit of a board game geek, I take that as an opening for a date and ask her if she’s like to check out a board game cafe with me. She says yes enthusiastically.

At this point, my lack of formalities rears it’s head. I just asked a girl out without actually knowing her name. That’s right, 2 weeks of talking and not once was a name given aside from our dating profile usernames. A silly thing really, so as I ask her for both her number and her name to make planning said date easier.

Guess what? She has a boy’s name. Not a big deal, right? Well, it’s not just ANY boys name. It’s MY name. As in, she and I have the exact same first name. Granted, hers is spelt differently, but phonetically, it’s the exact same. This is a first. My name is not a unisex name like Jamie or Lindsey. We joke about her parents and her childhood growing up a boy’s name, but in the grand scheme of things, a name is just a name and if a girl seems interesting, I’m not going to let it stand in the way.

So this weekend, I went out with a girl that shared a name with me. We went to a board game cafe and had a really nice time playing a bunch of different games I had been meaning to play. We laughed, we learnt, we talked. At the end of the day, I didn’t feel a spark, so the next day I let her know and said that I hoped we could keep in touch to continue conversing about nerdy things.

Sometimes dates don’t lead anywhere. Sometimes they lead to friendship. And other times, they lead to an interesting story.  It’s looking like this will be the latter two, and you know what? I’m okay with that. Dating might be tough, but it can also be fun and a unique way to make new friends.

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